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Action 6 - Strategic actions and dissemination

Action Responsible


Action 6 is focused on strategic actions towards targeted stakeholders (i.e. EU initiatives SEIS and GMES) and dissemination activities towards specialized (networks and scientific experts) and not specialized audience (citizens and policy makers). It’s consisting of four sub-actions: Advisory Committee, Strategic Actions, Website and Dissemination.

Activities and results

The EnvEurope Advisory Committee is composed by the following members: Martin Forsius - Finnish Environment Institute (Helsinky, Finland); Gyula Lakatos - University of Debrecen (Debrecen, Hungary); Stefano Nativi – Italian National Research Council (CNR-IAA)/University of Firenze (Firenze, Italy); Angel Pérez-Ruzafa - University of Murcia (Murcia, Spain); Nadia Pinardi - National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Bologna, Italy).

The scope of Strategic Actions is the involvement of specialised audience in contributing to the definition of the schemes and procedures to reorganise the LTER-Europe network at European level, as well as in collaborating for a common strategy to share data and metadata at European level. In particular, it focuses to join or interact with SEIS and GMES initiatives.

The most relevant European networks have been selected and contacts planned according to the different stakeholder, in order to better focus the expected indicators. Currently Action 6 counts a good number of meetings performed at national level in the different countries (13 events) with an average attendance of 20-40 participants and a very successfully international scientific assembly organized within the 12th EEF Congress 2011 (more than 100 participants; 1000 EnvEurope leaflets included in the EEF official folder were distributed to all Congress attendants!). Congress video is visible at

EnvEurope session at the 12th EEF Congress 2011, Avila, Spain

Project participants organized 4 public events to promote the project to the citizens’ community; the attendance was relevant with an average participation of more than 75 persons each. Information kiosks were set up in coincidence with two of the events (at Researchers Night 2011 in Bologna and Science Festival in Genova).

Lastly, EnvEurope has been presented as a LIFE + project during more than 15 events around Europe.

The web site operates since the project start supplying information and visibility at a glance. In particular, the member area has been largely used by partners to upload-download working documents or share opinions and create discussion on project activities through chat and forum tools.

Different dissemination materials have been produced and are available at the web site: 1 notice board, 2 Leaflets, 3 Posters, 2 roll-ups, 11 articles (scientific/technical and general publications) the first Bulletin and several presentations.

Future Planning

The next activity of the project is the organization of a specific EnvEurope Session during the International Conference "Biological Reactions of Forests to Climate Change and Air Pollution" that will be carried out in Lithuania (Kaunas) the 22 of May 2012. The Session, co-organized with ICP-IM, will be dedicated to "Environmental Quality and Pressures Assessment under Global Changes" (see the conference agenda at the

In September 2012 an "EnvEurope Exemplay Week" will be organized. The event will be the occasion in which researchers at all EnvEurope sites will perform some measurements on possible common/linked parameters. The testing in the filed activities will be disseminated involving Media of different kind (TV, Radio, Newspapers, internet) and a video showing the network of LTER sites at work will be produced and publicized on the web. The press offices of the project institutions will be involved to enlarge the impact of the event.

The event is proposed jointly by Action 5 and Action 6. An organising committee will be nominated shortly.

In the Autumn 2012 a second Bulletin with the adjournment of the state of the art of the project Actions will be produced.

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