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Publications, interviews and videos

Articles on newspapers and magazines, scientific abstracts and papers, press releases, interviews, videos, etc.

File Article "Come sta la natura d’Europa?"
Published by the CONECOFOR on the Italian Review "Il Forestale" - N. 57 July/August 2010

File Article "Così tessiamo un rete europea"
Published on December 2011 on the Review "SAPERE", the most ancient Italian Periodic Review for scientific popularization

File Press Release "EnvEurope testing in the field: oceanographic cruise in Adriatic Sea"
A summary of the testing in the field activities carried out by CNR during the Italian oceanographic cruise in Adriatic Sea carried out in May 2012

File Interview at Italian Radio 3 by CNR (14/05/12)
Dr. M.Bastianini of the CNR talks about objectives and activities held during the Italian oceanographic monitoring cruise in the Adriatic Sea organized by CNR inside the Action 5 of the project.

File Article "Harmonious Methods"
Drs Alessandra Pugnetti, Michael Mirtl and Ricardo Díaz-Delgado discuss their work coordinating a pan-European case study into ecological research methods and monitoring. Published on the International Innovation Magazine in August 2012 inside the Action 5 of the project.
Drs. Alessandro Campanaro, Alessandro Oggioni and Alessandra Pugnetti (with the contribution of many other authors) talk about the role of the LTER network and EnvEurope project as potential providers on in situ data for GMES services.
The article has been published on the special issue of the "Windows on GMES" review in November 2012.


The whole project community has been involved in collecting data in the field in the monitoring sites of Europe. The activity lasted several months during which partners and external assistants performed not only the field campaigns but also involved media, citizens, schools to disseminate the EnvEurope objectives. Interviews, videos as well as documentaries, seminars to schools and citizens has been realized and diffused by TV shows, Radio programs and Journals.


Thanks to the several videos and images collected during field campaigns, meetings and interviews by the EnvEurope participants, a video representing activities and people that collaborated to the success of the project has been realized.
The video has been presented for the first time during the EnvEurope Final Conference held in Rome, in conjunction with the LTER-Europe Annual Conference,  from 26th to 29th November 2013.


Dissemination Materials

The main official products for dissemination purposes

File Leaflet

The Official leaflet of the project (in 11 languages)

File Notice Board

The first Official poster of the project (in English language)

File Roll-up

The Official roll-up of the project (in English language)

File 1st Bulletin

The First project Bulletin describing the state of the art and future planning of the actions at the 24th month of the project activities(in English language)

File 2nd Bulletin

The Second project Bulletin describing the state of the art and future planning of the actions at the 30th month of the project activities (in English language).

3rd Bulletin

The Third project Bulletin describing the Ecological Data Management activities (in English language).

4th Bulletin

The Fourth project Bulletin describing the Network Design activities (in English language).


The Layman report accurately explains the details, work and achievements of the EnvEurope project, whilst being easily understandable and interesting. It is primarily aimed at a non-specialist audience, which might include potential LIFE beneficiaries, journalists, decision makers, businesses and ordinary citizens.  The Layman's report should be seen as a communication tool that complements the project website, brochures and other dissemination material.

Other Dissemination Materials

Leaflets, posters, roll-up produced by EnvEurope partners for specific dissemination events

File Leaflet "EnvEurope:Environmental quality ..."
Produced by ERCE u/a UNESCO in English language
File Roll-up "EnvEurope..."
Produced by ERCE u/a UNESCO in English language
File Poster "Ocena jakooeci ..."
Produced by ERCE u/a UNESCO in Polish language
File Poster "Pilica demonstration site"
Produced by ERCE u/a UNESCO in English language
File Poster "West Polesie Biosphere Reserve"
Produced by ERCE u/a UNESCO in English language
File Poster "Kampinos National Park"
Produced by ERCE u/a UNESCO in English language
File Brochure "Monitoring of Italian Forests and environment"
Produced by CONECOFOR in English language



Strategic and Dissemination Meetings

The main events organized and participated by the project

Organized Meetings

Download Agenda

2010/10/04, Roma, Italy - "EnvEurope Strategic meeting on Action 4"
2010/10/19, Boí, Lleida, Spain- "1st Spanish EnvEurope Session at the 4th LTER-Spain Executive Committee meeting"

2010/10/21, Bologna, Italy - "EnvEurope at the Public Conference "Biodiversità e qualità ambientale"
2010/11/18, Sassari, Italy - "EnvEurope Seminar at the University of Sassari"

2011/03/21-23, Venezia, Italy - "EnvEurope at the International conference Data flow,from space to earth - Application and interoperability"
2011/03/23-25, Burg (Spreewald), Germany -"EnvEurope Session at the Annual LTER-D Meeting"

2011/04/14, Kampinoski Park Narodowy - "Working meeting of Polish EnvEurope Partners"
2011/05/03, Napoli, Italy - "EnvEurope at the 5th LTER-Italy Assembly"
2011/05/06, Roma, Italy - "EnvEurope Session at the 19th ICP IM Task Force Meeting & Workshop"
2011/06/17, Collserola, Barcelona, Spain - "2nd Spanish EnvEurope session at the 5th Extraordinary Meeting of the LTER-Spain Executive Committee"

2011/09/23-27 Bologna, Italy - "EnvEurope at the “Research night” event (“Questione di chimica”) "

2011/09/27, Avila, Spain - "3rd Spanish EnvEurope Session at 5th LTER-Spain executive Meeting"
2011/09/28, Avila Spain - "EnvEurope Session at the 12th EEF International Congress"
2011/09/29-30, Avila Spain - "EnvEurope at the 9th LTER-Europe Conference"
2011/10/21-2011/11/02, Genova, Italy - "EnvEurope at the Festival of the Science”

2011/12/05, Uppsala, Sweden - "EnvEurope Special session at LTER-Sweden meeting"
2011/12/15, Rome, Italy - Strategic meeting on “GMES opportunities at Italian level”, with the national Italian GMES contact ISPRA
2011/12/20, Vigo, Spain - "4th Spanish EnvEurope Session at LTER-Spain Meeting"
2012/01/26, Wien, Austria - "EnvEurope at the LTER Austria Annual meeting"
2012/01/31, Madrid, Spain - "5th Spanish EnvEurope Session at LTER-Spain Meeting"
2012/03/08, Rome, Italy - Strategic meeting on “GMES opportunities at Italian level”, with the national Italian GMES contact ISPRA
2012/03/26-29, Gelnhausen, Germany -"EnvEurope at LTER-D Meeting and Workshop"
2012/03/29-30, Roma, Italy - "EnvEurope at the 6th LTER-Italy Assembly"

2012/04/16, Monte Rufeno, Italy -  Visit and seminar to the LTER_EnvEurope site “Monte Rufeno” for Hungarian delegation of students and scientist
2012/05/15, Majella, Italy- Visit and presentation of the Enveurope project to students during an excursion at the LTER-EnvEurope site Majella National Park
2012/05/21-24, Kaunas, Lithuania - Special EnvEurope session “Environmental Quality and pressures assessment under global changes”  at the International Conference “Biological reactions of forests to climate change and air pollution” organized by EnvEurope project, IUFRO, APW, COST, ICP-IM
2012/06/6-7, Bologna, Italy - Stand at the “R2B-Research to Business” exhibition
2012/06/08, Wetzlar, Germany - EnvEurope day dedicated to “Biodiversity in River Ecosystems” at the Hessentag fair 2012
2012/06/20, Rhine-Main-Observatory, Germany - Seminar with the pupils of the Senckenberg vocational school for “Biological-Technical Assistants”: a module of the one-week course on biodiversity monitoring in different habitats in the Rhine-Main-Observatory
2012, July-September 2012, Capracotta (Italy). EnvEurope guided garden tour at the LTER-EnvEurope site Apennine Botanical Garden
2012/07/06, Halle, Germany. EnvEurope Stand at the “Long Night of Sciences"
2012/07/11, Friedburg, Germany. Visit and seminar on EnvEurope for a group of pupils at the LTER-EnvEurope site in Friedburg (Germany).
2012/07/27, Pilica River, Poland Educational and dissemination meeting for the local community during the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Smardzewice Village located in Pilica River Demonstration Site (EnvEurope site).
2012/08/28, Darss-Zingst Boddenchain, Germany. Seminar and visit for a group of scientists from different faculties ranging from social sciences to geologists at the Biological field station of the University of Rostock at Zingst.
2012/08/29, Kindla, Sweden. Visit and seminar on EnvEurope at the LTER-EnvEurope site Kindla
2012/09/20-21, Sulejowski Reservoir, Poland. Educational activities and visit specifically dedicated to classes 4-6 of Grammar Schools at the LTER-EnvEurope site, Sulejowski Reservoir.
2012/09/25, Dalecarlia site, Sweden. Visit and presentation of the EnvEurope project to a student group at the Dalecarlia site (Sweden).
2012/10/8-10, Verbania Pallanza, Italy - "Workshop on LTER (Long-term ecological research sites) and EnvEurope"  organized during the 28th Task Force ICP Waters
2012/10/24-25, Verbania Pallanza, Italy - Seminar on EnvEurope at the study day "Infrastructures and networks for the study of Ecosystems and biodiversity in Europe: opportunities, challenges and perspectives from the LifeWatch infrastructure, the LTER Networks and the LIFE+ project EnvEurope"
2012/11/09, Łódź, Poland. Enveurope stand at the "1st International Congress of Bioeconomy"
2012/12/03-07, Sofia, Bulgaria. "EnvEurope & EXPEER & LTER-Europe Joint Conference"
2013/05/14, Vienna, Austria. Strategic Meeting EnvEurope / COPERNICUS  Interaction meeting
2013/09/17-19, Łódź, Poland. Enveurope sessions at the "International Symposium Ecohydrology, Biotechnology & Engineering: Towards Harmony between the Biogeosphere and Society on the basis of Long-Term Ecosystem Research"

2013/09/23-26, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. Enveurope at "XXI Congress of the Italian Association of Oceanology and Limnology A.I.O.L."

2013/11/05, Halle, Germany. Enveurope Workshop "Copernicus Land Monitoring Services und Erdbeobachtung"


Attended Meetings

Download Agenda

2010/02/25, Rome, Italy - "EnvEurope at the 4th LTER-Italy Assembly"
2010/06/01-02, Łódź, Poland - "EnvEurope at the 7th LTER Europe Conference"
2010/06/24-25, Sofia, Bulgaria - "EnvEurope at the Conference on Biodiversity and Environment"
2010/08/30-09/03, Sede Boqer, Israel. Participation at the ILTER Annual meeting 2010
2010/09/28-29, Rome, Italy. EnvEurope at the "Fifteen Meeting of the GEO Science and Technology Committee"
2010/10/05-08, Bologna, Italy. Participation at the “China -Italy bilateral symposium on the coastal zone and continental shelf evolutional trend"
2011/02/03, Rome, Italy. Presentation of EnvEurope at the Conference “La ricerca, il tempo e la biodiversità - Le sfide ancora aperte dopo il 2010 e il ruolo della ricerca ecologica a lungo termine”
2011/05/23-24, Bad Schandau, Germany - "EnvEurope at the Inter-regional GI2011-X- BORDER- SDI/GDI"
2011/06/7-8, Zvolen, Slovakia - "EnvEurope at the Enviro i Forum 2011"
2011/06/24, Ispra, Italy - "EnvEurope at EBONE‐EuroGEOSS meeting, JRC Ispra"
2011/06/27-2011/07/01, Edinburgh, Scotland - UK - "EnvEurope at the INSPIRE Conference 2011"
2011/07/19, Sirmione, Italy - "EnvEurope at the Workshop Remote Sensing of Cyanobacteria"
2011/09/06-08,  Krakow, Zakopane, Poland - "EnvEurope Contribution to the seminar  Implementation of the INSPIRE Directive regarding environmental issues"
2011/09/19-23, Torinio, Italy. EnvEurope presented  "SOS in action: various fields of application"  at the GEOITALIA Congress “VIII Forum Italiano di Scienze della Terra”.
2012/08/29-31, Dessau, Germany. Abstract and presentation at the "26th international conference EnviroInfo 2012"
2012/09/10-13, Alessandria, Italy - EnvEurope presentation at the "XXII SITE Congress"
2012/09/17-21, Lisbon, Portugal. Poster and abstract at the ILTER Annual meeting 2012 with "The Life+ project EnvEurope: the search for harmony in the LTER-Europe network"
2012/10/8-10, Verbania Pallanza, Italy. Presentation at "28th Task Force ICP Waters"
2012/10/29-31, Cagliari, Italy. Presentation at "VI Congresso LAGUNET"
2012/11/06-09, Fair of Vicenza, Italy. Abstract and Presentation titled "Il sistema di gestione dati del progetto EnvEurope per il monitoraggio ecologico a lungo termine nella rete LTER" at the "16° National Conference  ASITA" 
2012/11/09, Lodz, Poland. EnvEurope stand at the First International Congress of Bioeconomy.

2013/04/07-12, Vienna, Austria. Poster and abstract titled "Life+ EnvEurope DEIMS – improving access to long-term ecosystem monitoring data in Europe" at the "European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2013"

2013/05/21-22, Bucharest, Romania. Presentation at "The European Earth Monitoring Programme Copernicus: its benefits for the citizens of Eastern Europe"

2013/06/23-27, Firenze, Italy. Enveurope Poster and abstract titled "Enveurope Drupal Ecological Information System – Making Long - Term Ecosystem Monitoring Data Available on The Internet" at the "INSPIRE Conference 2013" 

2013/09/01-05, Zurich, Switzerland. presentation at the Conference "ClimTree 2013 - International Conference on Climate Change and Tree Responses in Central European Forests"

2013/09/3-6, Roma, Italy. Abstract and poster titled "EnvEurope Drupal Ecological Information System - making long-term ecological data available through the Internet" at "Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013"

2013/09/26-27, Sibenik, Croatia. Abstract and presentation titled "Discovery of Geospatial Information Resources on the Web" at "SDI Days  2013"

2013/10/21-23, Poznań/Kórnik, Poland. Poster and Presentation at the "Scientific Conference: Biology and Ecology of Woody Plants"

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