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Action 3 Internal Projects

Projects description


Bringing together existing long term datasets could be beneficial not only to the network but to each particular site/partner, because it will give a new dimension to the future analysis – the network dimension - and it will allow cross-site analysis. New types of analysis could be started, analysis and research that are not possible at local scale. It could improve the visibility of the network and of each of the sites and in the same time could bring new projects directly to the sites.

The involvement in the EnvEurope project could be largely improved if different partners will have the direct responsibility and benefits from the working within a network of sites with powerful strengths such as common available long term datasets.

Aims of the proposed projects

The projects should:

    • focused on the analysis of historical (consider gathering long term datasets from different sites) and new ecosystem monitoring data coming from a series of LTER sites;
    • aims at evaluating the status, the trends and the cause-effect relationships at different spatial and temporal scales, in different ecosystems;
    • to provide statistical information for improving the network design (action A4 EnvEurope);
    • to use long-term ecological data to describe and analyse the main temporal and spatial changes in ecosystems and to define a set of key indicators;

The project proposals are structured in one of the 4 themes selected

      • Climate and physical variability
      • Biogeochemistry data
      • Structure and function of ecosystems, communities and populations
      • Human population and economy

For each of the above themes a list of parameters has been proposed and accepted.

New parameters could be added (if needed for the analysis)

Type of projects

      • Projects focused on long term dataset analysis (with the support of individual partners); this could also include new datasets in conjunction with action A5.
      • Meta-analysis projects (Projects not focusing on data from sites but on existing results from literature or on a mixture of data from sites and existing results from literature);
      • A combination of the above project types;

List of Projects

For the complete list of partners and emails list please use this link

    1. Nitrogen deposition and vegetation change in LTER sites: testing critical load exceedance
    2. Eutrophication and climate change in EU-LTER sites
    3. Temporal patterns of phytoplankton diversity on a European scale
    4. Spatio-temporal assessments of ecosystem functions and services across different LTER Europe sites
    5. Effects of meteorological parameters and air pollution on trees growth in EnvEurope forest sites
    6. Investigating butterfly communities for biodiversity monitoring
    7. Imprints of priming effects on soil organic matter isotope signatures
    8. Tree-ring chronologies in relation to past human and natural disturbances
    9. Response of forest ecosystem to synergetic effect of climate and air pollution changes
    10. Birds communities as indicators of ecological integrity in LTER sites
    11. Environmental factors as drivers of mast seeding in tree species across Europe
    12. Phenological variations in response to climate change
    13. Coastal dunes Habitat Fragmentation in time Exploring Italian EU-LTER sites
    14. Long term development in the ecological status of large lakes
    15. HANPP as estimate of nutrient load from the catchment to fresh and coastal waters
    16. Net primary production at LTER Europe sites
    17. Recent changes in tree demographic rates in European forests: patterns and possible causes
    18. Variation of litter decomposition across a European gradient
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